22 Dec 2011

Introducing ICE HOSES, for the smoothest and most enjoyable smoke ever

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122311 0351 Introducing1 Introducing ICE HOSES, for the smoothest and most enjoyable smoke ever

This year has been an exciting year for us all. At the beginning of the year, we took a look at our atmosphere and how it affected our customers and their experience here at Qush. We realized we stood at the top of our game, with flat screen televisions in every room along with Xboxes, and we had a very spacious smoking environment. Our Google reviews showed at 9 with 4 a star rating. Not bad, for the beginning.


Quit while you’re ahead? Not us.


We want the absolute best experience for you, and our pledge is to keep constantly and consistently delivering. We completely remodeled the rooms to have more comfortable seating, we are proud to call them Qushions. We wanted to expand and make our lounge even more spacious for you, so we did just that by upgrading and opening up our basement. We wanted to make this area of the lounge a little different; by adding in a pool table we did just that. We noticed that a lot of customers always had issues picking flavors of shisha; it would just take forever because they had to ask to smell a flavor before they decided to smoke it. I’m sure you know what we are talking about. You spoke, we listened, by adding in our Qush Flavor Bar, you can literally walk in and smell all of our +80 flavors with ease and without any hassles.


For our summer time fun, we created a beautiful outdoor smoking area, with comfortable seating and a relaxing atmosphere. We have made tons of optimizations and upgrades, to many to keep track of. We now are leading hookah lounges with 110+ reviews on Google maps, with a 5 out 5 star rating. 37 people voted us the best ever.


Fast forwarding to today, we bring you another exciting upgrade. This upgrade is directly enhancing your smoke experience, maybe you’ve heard rumors already, and they are true; we are now officially offering Ice Hookah Hoses for an additional $5 fee to any hookah smoke session! Come by and check them out for yourself, they are absolutely awesome!

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