hookah page Qush Hookah Lounge is the place to come and relax and enjoy a soothing atmosphere. The most premier Hookah Lounge in Portland Oregon offering over 50 exotic flavors with the ability to mix any of your choice. Qush offers the most exquisite architectural seating, mixing light and aroma to create an amazing ambiance throughout the lounge. Qush is a Hookah paradise where you and your friends can enjoy great hookah, great music, and a beautiful environment.


Our effort to bring the experience begins by using all five senses. First, it’s visually appealing as a collectable piece of art. Touch is obvious through operation of the pipe. Taste and smell are satisfied through smoking, and the audible component is found in the gurgling water. Such a combination is nothing short of pleasing and relaxing to the masses that gather around the world to partake in Hookah smoking. Allow us to bring you the experience the way it was meant to be.